Everlasting Summer. Free On Steam From Russia.

This is a detailed guide about all the endings in the game. Everlasting Summer allows you to skip through already seen text, which saves you a lot of time if you choose to achieve all 13 endings, and if I roll the scroll wheel of my mouse upward, I get to backtrack and even change a choice (unless a chapter has passed) though (correct me if I'm wrong) I think that's more of the Ren'py engine glitch.

However, they can be quite powerful when they are done right, especially in regards to the story, the artwork and the characters. This isn't a game you will play once and everything will be the same, no matter what you do: there's so many endings that you are almost encouraged to play it several times just to see them all, and getting all of them requires some genuine effort.

While the music and art is fantastic, I feel like the characters were not as fleshed out as they should have been. According to Steam Spy , the most popular SakuraGame titles sell in the hundreds of thousands, with the highest title, Tricolour Lovestory , having more than 200,000 owners.

Even Russian gamers themselves have a somewhat skeptical attitude towards locally produced video games. All things considered, there are very few bad things one can say about Everlasting Summer, except maybe that it's a tad too simple in regards to the player's role in the grand scheme of things.

I used it to practice Russian a bit, but stopped doing it after a couple of endings. The characters can be seen in bikinis, but although there are sex scenes in the game, the art of the English version never shows this. Semyon wakes up to a summer day and finds that the bus is empty, now parked in front of a young pioneer camp called Sovyonok.

They carry out their archetypes, their one feature that defines them complete with silly anime expressions, and occasionally get serious and talk about their feelings whenever it's about time to start sexy time because the player inserted enough kindness coins.

For Slavya, Ulyana and Alisa, Semyon returns to the real world without them, but takes the lessons he learned from them (respectively, appreciating life and the people in it, taking joy in the world and following his passions, and that music is a passion worth pursuing) to heart and makes something of himself (is a happier and nicer person who gets out more, goes back to university and studies a topic he loves, learns to play the guitar again and founds his own band, eventually having their first big concert), eventually meeting the girls in the real world.

If you haven't played it yet, you should wait till November 2016: the game's developer, Ice-Pick Lodge, has promised to release a full remake this fall, fixing all the technical issues that plagued the original (pun intended). It features dozens of hours of gameplay with a multitude of choices that define the development of the story; four heroines, each with her own story, temper, and several possible endings.

A psychedelic racing game, a dark RPG and a summer camp visual novel: Although many of Russia's most talented developers move abroad to work for foreign companies, there's a lot more to the domestic video game industry than Tetris. The characters are likeable (apart from a certain librarian who can go and fuck herself), but seem to pigeonholed into one stereotype, like I was pigeonholed as gay in school because I disliked football.

If you want to know more about Everlasting Summer then you may visit Soviet Games support center for more information. Other than the minor details in the story and the character graphics, it's quite a decent game. In most of the endings, this VideoGames is seemingly played straight when Semyon wakes up.

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